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Cultural History Bulgaria: Pobiti Kamani, Steinwald, Stone Forest, Dakilitash

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"Pobitite Kamani: Lower Eocene Bubbling Reefs". An article by Lyobomir Dimitrov, with additional references. This web-page as a pdf file for immediate download.

Prospekte und Broschüren (bulgarisch und deutsch)

Eigene Fotographien (1999) -- Historic and contemporary pics from the web

Ausgewählte Literatur:

Nachev, I., P. Mandev, S. Zhelev, 1986. 'Pobitite Kamani' - algal bioherms. Rev. Bul. Geol. Soc., 47: 1-13. (in Bulgarian, English summary, with the most extensive bibliography).

Botz, R., V. Georgiev, P. Stoffers et al., 1993. Stable isotope study of carbonate-cementad rocks from the Pobitite Kamani area, north-eastern Bulgaria. Geol. Rundsch., 82: 663-666.

Walter, H., 1994. The stone forest near Varna, Bulgaria - Tertiary rock pillars of unknown origin. Z. Angew. Geol., 40 (1): 50-55.

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