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Cultural History Soviet Union / Kulturgeschichte der Sowjetunion:
Planeta Publishers Motorists Guidebooks, Moscow (1970es);
Die Sowjetunion mit dem Auto: Reiseführer, Planeta-Verlag Moskau

Moscow - Vyborg
Uzhgorod - Moscow
Wassili Istomin: Moskau - Wyborg mit dem Auto. Moskau, Planeta-Verlag 1979
Wassili Istomin: Ushgorod - Moskau. Reiseführer für Autotouristen. Planeta-Verlag Moskau 1982.
All titles/covers from the author's personal collection.
Bibliographical information as given on the title page of the books.
See also "Country Guides", "City Guides", "Museum Guides", "Photoguides".
Moscow - Brest
V. Istomin: Moscow - Brest. A Motorist's Guide. Planeta Publishers, Mosow 1977.
Moscow - Krym
V. Istomin, V. Xomus'kov: Moskva - Krym. Putešestvie na avtomobile. Izd. Planeta, Moskva 1977.

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