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"BukyVede" Keyboard Drivers for Mac OS X (Cyrillic and Glagolitic)

Keyboard Drivers: There are two dedicated Bukyvede keyboard drivers for Mac OS X available, supplied by William R. Veder. One if for the Cyrillic portion of Bukyvede ("SlavonicCY"), one is for the Glagolitic portion ("SlavonicGL"). (Of course, these drivers may also be used with other fonts.)

Both drivers are based on the key layout of the Apple-supplied "Russian phonetic" driver. Click icon to download a zip folder containing both drivers.

To install the drivers, move them to ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/ on your hard drive and activate them using the "International" or "Language & Text" preference pane from "System Settings". Sorry, no drivers for Windows - Mac OS X only.

Keyboard Driver Documentation. There is a short doc (pdf) that goes along with the keyboard drivers. The file was also supplied by William R. Veder. Click on the pdf icon to download.

Please note: These keyboard drivers are supplied "as is". There is no support available. The drivers have been created with a free utility called "Ukelele" and may also be modified or updated using this same program.

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