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Cross-over Design of the Cyrillic Script | Crossover Design in der kyrillischen Schrift

Gothic or "Fraktur" (Broken script) Cyrillic
Above: a Bulgarian ad with the words "Kitaj" (China) and "Indija" (India) written in a Cyrillic Fraktur style which somewhat resembles the Chinese and Indian scripts - or so the author of the sign thinks

Below: The header from the web-site of the famous Moscow monastery, also in Broken Script (Fraktur) -- because it "looks old"

"Arabic" Cyrillic
advertising "live music" and "belly dance"
"Japanese" Cyrillic
"Greek" Cyrillic
"Hebrew" Cyrillic
"Georgian" Cyrillic
A sample of a Russian text written by natives of Georgia. Certain Cyrillic letters have a distinct non-Cyrillic flavor to it, see the lowercase "r" in the word "Prezident". Remarkable is also the 'three-legged t" in the same word. In general, the posters show lowercase letters used as if they were capital letters.
Another sample of Bulgarian "Fraktur" - here, for a young writers' web-page

Below: Chinese Cyrillic (it says "Drugata Balgarija")

More Cyrillic Broken Script (Fraktur), fitting the topic of the article

below: "Hebrew" Cyrillic

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