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Method Std -- A Font for Slavic Medievalists

"Method Std" is a Unicode 14 TrueType font especially for Slavic Medievalists.

It can be used by Macintoshes running OS X and by Windows PCs - one file, all platforms.

Background: "Method Std" is the Unicode version of the Method font series originally created by its author, Sebastian Kempgen, in the early 1980's. The blueprint for this font is the classic printing type devised by slavists and used in learned editions of Old Church Slavonic texts.

[Versions of the Method font before Unicode v. 5.1 carried the names "Method UC Std" and "Method UC Alt". These version supported Unicode 4.1 and 5.0 and offered those glyphs that are now included in Unicode 5.1 as separate characters as variants of existing glyphs. The fonts "Method UC Std" and "Method UC Alt" are now obsolete! Please switch to "Method Std" and update your files for compliance with Unicode 5.1.]

Main Features:

Download: Method Std is a commercial font, as was the package consisting of Method, Method Plus, Method Two etc. Educational prices are available.


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