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Kultur und Kulturgeschichte Rußlands: Quellen
Russia's Culture und Cultural History: Sources

Ostromir-Evangelium 1056-57, Ostromirovo Evangelie 1056-57 g.: Facsimile

Ostromir-Evangelium 1056, Ostromir Gospels
Ostromirovo Evangelie 1056
Остромирово Евангенлие 1056г.
N.B. The pdf file on the Kodeks server is different from all others available on the web. The images have been enhanced considerably (see the difference above, right), and from the enhanced images, a new pdf has been created.
Ostromirovo Evangelie 1076 (new Facsimile, Kodeks Server) (pdf, 72 MB)
Ostromirovo Evangelie 1076 (old facsimile; link)

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