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Kliment Std -- A Free Font for Slavic Medievalists

"Kliment Std" is a Unicode 14 TrueType font especially for Slavic Medievalists.

It can be used by Macintoshes running OS X, Windows PCs, on iPads - one file, all platforms.

Kliment Std sample

Documentation: Current version is 6.0, posted summer 2021. See the accompanying documentation/presentation by the author.
Version 2.2 of the font has been the subject of an earlier introductory paper by the author.

Trademarks and Licensing Terms

All trademarks are the property of their holders and duely acknowledged. They are mentioned here for typesetting recommendations only.

The font is free for academic use by students and scholars. It is not in the public domain.
All rights to the font are reserved by the author. The font may not be mirrored on other sites and may not be included in font archives, CDs, DVDs.
Commercial use of the font is not allowed. A commercial license for the font is available from the author and included in the "Kliment Pro" package.

Der Font kann im akademischen Bereich frei benutzt werden, er ist jedoch kein Public Domain-Font.
Der Autor behält sich alle Rechte an dem Font vor.
Der Font darf nicht auf anderen Servern gespiegelt werden, in Font-Archive aufgenommen oder auf CD oder DVD mit verbreitet werden. Eine kommerzielle Nutzung des Fonts ist nicht gestattet. Eine kommerzielle Lizenz ist vom Autor erhältlich und auch Teil des "Kliment Pro"-Paketes.

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Special features of the font are:

  • Historical forms of Cyrillic letters for writing Old Church Slavonic, Old Russian, Old Bulgarian, Old Serbian etc. including superscripts
  • Automatic transliteration of Glagolitic into Cyrillic
  • West and East European Latin character sets
  • Full set of combining diacritics - for use with any base character (titlo, kavyka, pokrytie, payerok, yerik = combining vertical tilde, vzmet, number signs, double tilde, double macron, long titla etc.)
  • OpenType features for superscripts
  • The perfect historical companion to our "RomanCyrillic Std" font (and to Times® and Times New Roman®)
  • Current up to the Unicode standard v. 14.0 (2021).

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