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BukyVede -- A Free Unicode Font for Slavic Medievalists

Main Features:

  • Complete Old Church Slavonic Cyrillic character set with all historical characters from Unicode 5.1 up to Unicode 14.0 ( 2021), incl. superscripts and OpenType features;
  • Full Glagolitic character set incl. superscripts and OpenType features;
  • Additional characters and variants in the Private Use Area of Unicode;
  • Basic Latin ASCII characters;
  • Editorial symbols for marking up texts;
  • Regular (upright), slanted (oblique) and bold weight available. NEW: light weight!

Sample (Cyrillic and Glagolitic portions):

Use of the Private Use Area

The font uses some slots in the Private Use Area (PUA) of Unicode. The table below serves as a declaration which code points are being used for which purpose. (These code points are right at the start of the PUA block, so it is entirely possibly, that the same slots are used by other fonts for other purposes.) In general, the PUA contains a) some diacritics for uppercase characters (lowercase diacritics are at their standard code points), b) some alternate glyphs, and c) some additional superscripts.

Copyright and Licensing Terms

The font is free to use. It is not in the public domain, however. All rights to their contributions remain with the original authors. See also Background and Acknowledgements.
Web-page, Documentation and parts of the font © Sebastian Kempgen 2013-2021.

Der Font ist kostenlos, er ist jedoch kein Public Domain-Font. Alle Rechte an ihren jeweiligen Beiträgen liegen bei den verschiedenen Autoren (mehr hier). Web-Seite, Dokumentation und Teile des Fonts © Sebastian Kempgen 2013-2021.

The current version of the font (v. 3) includes the Unicode 14.0 (2021) additions.

Download Bukyvede (single weights) here

[click the AT signs above to download the regular resp. italic resp bold resp. light weight]

Background & Acknowledgements see separate page.
Mac OS X Keyboard drivers for BukyVede see separate page.
Documentation for Bukyvede see separate page.

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